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I am deeply sad by recent Malaysian flight crash which included 298 passengers aboard the flight. Further insult to the injury, victims included leading HIV researchers. Top HIV researcher Dr.Joep Lange {whose  most recent artcile(abstract)  in Clinical infectious disease Journal I read last week} was also traveling in ill-fated flight. How life is unpredictable, I was strongly thinking to attend this conference few months ago, but then left the idea because of technical things and exams compulsions. I pray for victims, their relatives, friends, colleagues and all associates.

Abstract ( Dr.Joep Lenge)

The concept of “treatment as prevention” has emerged as a means to curb the global HIV epidemic. There is, however, still ongoing debate about the evidence on when to start antiretroviral therapy in resource-poor settings. Critics have brought forward multiple arguments against a “test and treat” approach, including the potential burden of such a strategy on weak health systems and a presumed lack of scientific support for individual patient benefit of early treatment initiation. In this article, we highlight the societal and individual advantages of treatment as prevention in resource-poor settings. We argue that the available evidence renders the discussion on when to start antiretroviral therapy unnecessary and that, instead, efforts should be aimed at offering treatment as soon as possible.

Isn’t it a fun to prepare for medical license exam through public health and epidemiology specs? Yes, It adds flavor and spices … For example, when I was studying myocardial infarction before pursuing masters in public health, my earlier approach was starting with pathology. But now, first thing comes to my mind is how many people suffers from myocardial infarction? How many people can we save if treatment is made available within an hour? How can we make tertiary centers available to large chunk of population, and in the same flow, how can we reduce the gap between poor and rich in the United States, and a=the same across globe.


Isn’t it interesting to know that, because of hormones, myocardial infarction is less common in young women compared to young men? However, after menopause, women are equally prone to myocardial infarction to their men counterparts.


Buffering around roads: BUffer of 200 meters…

Buffering around Roads!

My friend who wanted to move from Poland to USA, but she wanted to be in quiet city and quiet neighborhood. Our skype call was wonderful, she asked me to look for such place. I simply did GIS…Here is the answer, I suggested her 6 cities, which have population between 30 to 40k , and counties density is not more than 25 per map with cities! sqm.City State




Fairbank North Star         Alaska
Whitman                               Washington
Chelan                                    Washington
Nye                                          Nevada
Otero                                       New Mexico
Valvarde                                Texas

It is summer; so swimming, running, jogging and biking are back in routine. I thought why not to map bike routes of Austin city of Texas. Eventually we can add layers of population, obesity and related health conditions. bike routes in austin

SWIMMING POOLS IN DCSwimming pools in Washington Dc….See, how swimming pools are highly concentrated in the northwest!!

customer map!

CUSTOMER MAPCreation with 20 minutes!! 

Isn’t GiS so cool and helpful? Customers buying special product….. Lets embark on SAS to further analyze it!!!

I was just going through hazardous waste site data in Washington DC. In three minutes I created this map, wonderful,GIS is FUN! HAZARDOUS WASTE SITES

Welcome to GIS, i created this map using GiS, and mapped counties more than 10,000 Asians. There are 147asian population counties in United States which has more than 10000 people those of Asian origin. GIS is simply fun :)

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