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One of the brightest and highly accomplished epidemiology era of this century ends with the passing of  Dr.Mervyn Susser….. We all will miss you, but will find you in public health/epidemiology books!!! RIP. Journey of Dr. Susser was full of zeal, passion and enthusiasm to work for the betterment of community health. Since Epidemiology gives the […]

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Various studies have found that community participation is vital for sustenance of public health programs. Recent rapid outbreak of Ebola have further highlighted the need of educating affected communities regarding basic prevention modalities as it timely prevention can reduce morbidities and mortalities. During the early outbreak of HIV it is was rumored among Indians that […]

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Ebola outbreak

Ongoing ebola outbreak in West African countries has created public health emergency all over the world. What makes Ebola infection dreadful is that its case fatality rate is very high (50-90%), there is no specific treatment for it and vaccine for infection is still a distant dream. Fortunately, it doesn’t spread by air droplets. I am […]

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